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Mystery Burger

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We (Alexandra Usé, Michiel Van Den Veire and myself) had 3 weeks to make an iOS app and a promotional webpage for a burger brand. We invented the all new Jack in the Box Mystery Burger! These where a series of burgers from which the ingredients where unknown until you opened up the Mystery Box. Every hour the user could guess the ingredients of a random made burger through the app. If they guessed it right, they got a free burger. Alexandra made the design for the app. Michiel made the design and programmed the front-end of the website and I coded the iOS app and wrote the database. We made the movie together.

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iOS Developer




June 13

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The App

Guess the ingredients

A mysterious burger with secret ingredients is generated every hour. The user has to guess the ingredients by creating a burger through the app.


The winners get a coupon for a free mystery burger which they can pick up at one of the restaurants. There are a total of 5 mystery burgers from which 2 of them are vegetarian. After choosing an option you are given a random mystery burger for free. Bon apetit!

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